Television Commercials Agreement

In addition to the terms and conditions set out in Part A of this CG, these special direct marketing conditions govern the contractual relationship between Seven.One Media and its contractual partners with respect to direct marketing services (hereafter referred to as “direct marketing”). Based on a contractual agreement with PSD, Seven.One Media is authorized to market the address, email and telephone data of PSD and a partner company (“customer bonus program”) (hereafter referred to as “data”). The contractor wants to use this database. If there were a hearing bonus for employment contracts, the new SAG-AFTRA trade contracts would easily remove the laurels. Ratified by membership May 8 on a vote “Aye” 96.85 percent (with the participation rate not known), the agreement had previously got the unanimous thumbs up the negotiating committee and the board of SAG-AFTRA, The Hollywood Reporter learned. This unanimity seems to be without parallel in the Union, often torn apart, at least in recent decades. The traditional approach can still be aimed at experienced advertisers and agencies who know its ins and outs, but the ACS aims to meet the needs of those who withdraw from the complexity of the traditional structure. Currently, these are advertisers and non-union agencies, as well as advertisers who are confused by the cost structure of their ads or who simply want more security. Since most small businesses do not have access to sophisticated television production technologies, local channels often allow advertisers to use their facilities to produce their spots. Contractors can borrow time to use the station`s cameras, microphones and processing equipment, as well as trained station staff to complete the project. The station separates production and equipment costs from commercial inventory and will only broadcast product spots when the inserator pays the production costs.

Seven.One Media`s terms and conditions of sale (`CGV`) govern the contractual relationship between Seven.One Media and its contractual partners with respect to contracts for the distribution of television advertising and/or advertising services in the areas covered under C, D and E (“contract”). A.2.2 For the contract, only Seven.One Media`s CGVs apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Exemptions to these CGs and oral agreements are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by Seven.One Media. A change to this written offer is only valid if it is confirmed in writing. The terms and conditions of the contract or the contractor`s terms and conditions are expressly excluded. This also applies if the contractor`s terms and conditions have not been explicitly rejected and/or Seven.One Media provides its services unopposed. A.2.3 The contractor is informed of changes to these conditions by e-mail or fax. They are deemed accepted if the contractor does not object to Seven.One Media within one month of notification of the changes.