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Stop help Canadian Foreclosure and Power of Sales

Stop help Canadian Foreclosure and Power of Sales

Avoid, stop or delay Foreclosure or power of sales in Canada

We are a professional network of Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada specializing in helping fellow Canadians who are facing foreclosures or power of sale online.

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We are not Realtors but private Lenders. We will even buy those homes.Stop foreclosure, Avoid foreclosure, Foreclosure, Canadian Foreclosure, Delay Foreclosure


We understand how vulnerable you may feel and assure you that we keep all information you supply safe and confidential. We will be able to assist you with following at NO COST!

  • How the foreclosure or Power of Sales process works in your province
  • Your rights and how to challenge the process.
  • How to negotiate with your Bank
  • Mortgage modification and mitigation.
  • Tax liabilities you may face in a foreclosure or power of sales
  • How to save your credit if possible
  • And More……….

Here's the easy form: Please don't feel pressured to fill out all the fields below, but the more information you can provide the faster we can HELP provide SOLUTIONS for you.

please call us at 1-416-409-7300 

or email us at navtajchandhoke@gmail.com

Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke

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