Sponsorship Agreement Intellectual Property

2.1.2 A non-transferable, non-exclusive and free license for the use of logos and event marks (the “event marks”) that will be provided exclusively to promote your sponsorship of the event over the life of the event (according to paragraph 8.1) and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The sponsorship agreement must include a compensation clause in which they agree to pay the other party any damage caused by negligence, fault or omission on the part of another party. It is an important remedy that offers many benefits in case the party suffers a loss. Procedures and conditions of compensation need to be clarified to avoid delays and conflicts. It is also important to limit compensation in order to protect the parties from exploitation. 15.2.2 Each party immediately returns to ICAO all objects (including all materials and materials of the sponsor containing the activity marks) of the other in its possession or under its control; and WHEREAS, Operator (Patent License Co.) and Sponsor (Intellectual Property Co.) are now attempting to enter into an agreement whereby Sponsor (Intellectual Property Co.) would be an exclusive sponsor (Intellectual Property Co.) and a network-wide retailer to implement an exclusive program for the following category [category identification](the “exclusive program”) under the terms outlined below. 6.1.1 All intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to copyright, trademarks and creative rights) of sponsorship trademarks are exclusively and exclusively the property of you, as well as any overvaluing, and we do not acquire any rights to sponsor trademarks; and 8.1 In the event that, for any reason beyond its proper control, a party is prevented, hindered or delayed, or if it fulfils its obligations under this agreement (the “party concerned”), including without restriction by acts of God, floods, droughts, earthquakes or other natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics or any other widespread communicable disease , a terrorist attack, civil war or unrest, threat or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo or breakdown of diplomatic relations, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or noise boom, laws or measures taken by a government or authority, including, but not limited to, the imposition of an export or import restriction , a quota or prohibition, or the non-issue of a necessary licence or authorization, the collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident (“force majeure event”), the party concerned may not violate this agreement or for such a defect or for such a delay be held liable in accordance with these obligations. The time frame for implementing these commitments is extended accordingly. 6.6 If one party is informed of the unauthorized threat or use or abuse of the other party`s intellectual property rights over the life, it immediately informs the other party in writing.