Sbi Csp Agreement

CSC SPC will register SCA as a sub-BC and VLE is the customer service point (CSP) as agreed with SBI for this installation. This facility and partnership is available for all CCS retail offices with web connectivity. VLE can register for this installation via SCA. The entity may modify, modify or replace the terms of this agreement and/or all fees are duly disclosed to the CSP-RO. In this agreement, including the timetables of this agreement, the following terms and formulations have the following meaning: First, the CSP Kiosk Banking will provide the following services: “Oxigen” and “RO or CSP-RO” are referred to as “party” and collectively “parties”. You know that across India, CCCs provide public and private services at the doorsteps of citizens. The SCC is a strategic cornerstone of the National Online Governance Plan (NEGP), which was widely approved by the government in May 2006 as part of its commitment to the national minimum e-governance program. A “No Frill Accounts” by KIOSK Banking Model Money Transfer to another bank account holder on other sites All Oxigen trademarks, trade names, logos, service marks, sales or other proprietary indices (together the “corporate brands”) are and remain the exclusive property of Oxigen. CSP-RO or RMU has no rights over and over the company`s trademarks and cannot use the company`s trademarks for any purpose without Oxigen`s prior written consent. Any unauthorized use or use of the company`s trademarks constitutes a violation of The Rights of the Oxigen in and on the company`s trademarks and constitutes a substantial violation of this agreement. Each party heress with a non-exclusive, free and limited licence to the other party for the use, denunciation and reproduction of the logos of another party exclusively in relation to the purpose of the agreement. Each party will display a prominent view of the website, mobile app or other media on the website, mobile app or other media on the website, mobile app or other media on offline or online marketing materials at the request of another party. Any use must be made in accordance with the authorizations and guidelines that can be communicated from time to time.

Universal Credit Card (GCC)/Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Outlet Size: At least 150-200 sq foot with a meter. These terms and conditions govern your CSP-RO relationship with Oxigen Services (India) Private Limited, a company created pursuant to the provisions of the 1956 Corporations Act and its head office in Building No. 77-B, Iffco Road, Sector 18, Gurgaon 122015, Haryana, India Gurgaon-122016 (hereafter referred to as “Oxigen” or “Companies”), whose expression is not contrary to or contrary to its meaning, includes all its successors and approved transfers. Each party accepts that any disclosure and/or restitution of information by a party under this agreement preserves the confidentiality of the protection and prevention of disclosure, reproduction, use, dissemination or disclosure of such information. All rights, titles and interests on the confidential information of the revealing party, as well as all intellectual property rights conferred on it, remain between the parties. SBI Kiosk Banking BC model aims to offer real-time, easy-to-use banking services for the consumer in their neighborhood. Pay Point India has been the State Bank of India`s National Business Correspondent since 2011.