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An excellent rent to own home for you in Canada


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There are numerous people out there who would love to purchase their own house, but do not feel it is something they can actually achieve to do just yet. It may be due to bad credit, insufficient savings for a down payment, or perhaps the type of house in the area you want is just too expensive for a conventional mortgage.  A rent to own home can be the solution.

As a real estate investment group, we have the capability to offer rent-to-own homes in Ontario with payment plans that are sufficient for anyone to be able to afford.

Find an excellent rent to own lead for yourself and your family

  • Let us know what kind of house you are aiming to purchase and in what area.  We may already have a rent-to-own lead there for you.  Or if not, we can find one.

In a matter of a few months, you could be living in your very own home!

To contact us, you can email us at and call us at 416-409-7300

Note: the larger your deposit, the better your chances of being accepted into our rent-to-own program.  Please be realistic in your budget expectations for the area in which you want to live.  Only serious candidates will be contacted.

We are also Canadian private hard money lenders. We can offer you multiple solutions to resolve any situation. We can also do short term small private mortgage if required.

We can HELP !! We also BUY HOUSES. Please call:

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