Fuel Card Use Agreement

NOTE: There are currently two types of refueling cards for georgia tech vehicles. Each type of card, with a few exceptions, offers specific settings. Managers and supervisors are responsible and superior to departments that own or control Georgia Tech vehicles to verify that all necessary refueling card training has been completed. For more information, see the Directive and the Matrix of Authorized Expenditures. Any misuse of the card leads to appropriate disciplinary measures, which may include a combination of: Internal review Periodic checks of all fuel bills are carried out in case of possible fraud. The potential fraud is under investigation by the Georgia Tech Internal Audit Department. Georgia Tech`s disciplinary guidelines are followed for employees for whom fraud has been found, including termination and possible prosecution. If a vehicle is surrendered, sold or in excess, the card is immediately cancelled. Georgia Tech Fleet Services waits for and operates gas tanks for the main campus. The cost of fuel is lower than the market price. Georgia Tech Fleet Service is the primary source of refueling for refueling requirements for the main campus.

This offers the best value and all employees are encouraged to use the campus facility rather than buying fuel off-site. The PIN code of the refuelling card is terminated as soon as the fraudulent use, abuse or abuse has been examined and identified as such. The “blue” cards are intended for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. “Red” cards are intended for equipment. Examples of devices are lawn mowers, weeders, and devices that can be refueled from a small gas box. The exceptions are the use of the “red” card for short-term rental cars and for the immediate refueling of a newly purchased vehicle until the arrival of the blue card. Georgia Tech Fleet Services immediately notifies internal audit and DOAS/OFM and provides relevant information collected about overt abuse or fraud. All Georgia Tech divisions that own or control motor vehicles and equipment must comply with the policies and procedures for using georgia Tech Fuel Card on the Fleet Service site. On campus, PIN users must use the De Fuel Georgia Tech Bulk site at Georgia Tech Fleet Services.

NO EXCEPTIONS. Using off-site gas stations is a secondary resource. No derogation shall be granted unless otherwise specified in writing. The fleet coordinator/refuelling card administrator is:. . .