Co-Marketing Agreement Template

A contractual co-marketing document defines the terms of payment and the terms of the relationship between the parties; There are marketing areas, contractual terms, how disputes would be resolved, and other important information. A co-marketing agreement often takes the form of collaborative content that is often promoted in front of the audience of the parties involved. It is different from co-branding, a term that involves the creation of common products or sometimes a group of products, in order to offer added value to consumers. Most co-marketing contract documents rather favor the conduct of a co-branding agreement. This Joint Marketing Agreement (“Agreement”) will enter into force on May 11, 2009 (“Effective Date”) of, L.L., . C (NCRC), headquartered at 1690 South Congress Ave, Suite 200 Delray Beach, FL 33445 and First Advantage Meship, Inc. .