Business Plans

Business Plans

In whatever phase your business is at, an all-inclusive Business Plan is always your progress measurement tool; operational guide, a guider in your business journey, and also the center stone to evaluating the viability of your business proposal. We create business plans which include all the requirements an investor, banker or the government may ask for in order to make the financial decision.Business plans

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The three important points your business plan must achieve:

  • The ability to raise the capital you need.
  • The ability to use your resources and efforts to reach your business goals.
  • Act as a guide in your way to success.

Each business plan is different, unique, and only customized for your business. However, the structure of each business plan is standardized and consists of 10 parts:

  • Vision, Mission & Objectives
  • Company / Business Overview
  • Products / Services
  • Industry Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management, Staffing & Organizational Structure
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Implementation Plan
  • Financial Plan (Financial Projections & Required Investment)
  • Risks & Exit Strategy

The business plan should not exceed 50 pages long; however, the length of the business plan depends on the complexity required. That’s said, tables and diagrams, supporting documents, illustrations and other relevant materials attached to the business plan do not have a particular number of pages.

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