Alder Cvr Agreement

Although the CVI is widely used to estimate the validity of content, Wynd et al. suggested that, due to an incidental concordance, this index does not take into account the possibility of excessive values and instead calculates a Kappa statistic in addition to the CVI [31]. Kappa provides the degree of compliance beyond chance as calculated with the following formula: K = (I-CVI – Pc)/ (1- Pc), pc = [N! / A!) (N-A)!] * 0.5N [16]. In this formula Pc = the probability of a random match; N = number of experts; and A = number of experts who agree that the point is relevant. Kappa values above 0.74 are considered excellent, between 0.60 and 0.74 good and 0.40 to 0.59 fair. Kappa`s calculations are included in Table 3 (supplementary file 2: Annex B). Conditions, Closing Conditions and FinancingIn connection with the Agreement, Lundbeck will make a tender offer for all outstanding shares of Alder, offering Alder shareholders an advance payment of $18.00 per share in cash and a non-marketable quota of $2.00 per share. The cash advance payment corresponds to a premium of 79% for Alder shareholders based on the closing price of September 13, 2019 and a discount of approximately 3% based on the 52-week share price. Autolus, Moderna sign a license agreement for mRNA therapeutic drugs The most widely used method to measure the validity of the content is the calculation of the CVI item level (I-CVI), but another unde recognized method of measuring the content value is the Scale CVI level (S-CVI) which can be calculated with S-CVI/UA or S-CVI/Ave. The two approaches can lead to different values, making it difficult to reach a correct conclusion about the validity of the content.[37] I-CVI measures the validity of the content of certain elements, while the S-CVI calculates the validity of the content of the total scale. Most of the documents refer to I-CVI or S-CVI, but not both.

This paper reviewed both I-CVI and S-CVI, as S-CVI is an average score that can be distorted by outliers. The number of experts (n = 6) was considered sufficient for content validation, as the number of reviewers ranges from at least 3 to a maximum of 10 [16, 30]. An I-CVI of 0.78 or higher is considered excellent. The I-CIs of all PEQ items ranged from 0.50 to 1.00, with only four items having an I-CVI below 0.78. This reinforces the conclusion that individual items were important and relevant to measuring moderators, barriers, and patient preferences for a training program. The minimum acceptable S-CVI is considered to be any value between 0.80 and 0.90 [30, 37]. . .