Agreement Office 365

“Online Terms of Service” means the terms applicable to the use of products available in The Terms applicable to online services contain terms that govern your use of products that apply in addition to the terms set forth in this Agreement. one. You consent to the processing of personal data by Microsoft and its representatives in order to facilitate the purpose of this agreement. As part of this agreement, you may provide personal data to Microsoft on behalf of third parties (including your contacts, resellers, distributors, administrators, and employees). You will have all necessary consents from third parties, in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, before providing personal data to Microsoft. (i) for academic offerings, the requirements applicable to educational institutions (including administrative bodies or educational committees, public libraries or public museums) listed in; L. Classification. In the event of any conflict between the documents covered by this Agreement and which are not explicitly resolved in such documents, their terms shall apply in the following descending order of priority: (1) this Agreement, (2) the SLAs and (3) the Online Terms of Service. The conditions of a change control the modified document and any previous changes to the same object.

g. Global Agreement. This Agreement is the whole agreement on its subject matter and supersedes all prior or simultaneous notifications. I have found information on MS websites that such an agreement exists. Although I need it in Polish, it would be a good start to have it in English. Duration of the contract and termination. This Agreement will remain in effect until the expiration, termination or renewal of your subscription, whichever occurs earlier. f. Duration of the contract and termination.

This Agreement shall remain in effect for the duration of a subscription taken out under this Agreement. You may terminate the agreement at any time by contacting your designated reseller. The expiration or termination of this Agreement only terminates your right to place new orders for additional Products under this Agreement. (i) With the renewal of your subscription, this Agreement will terminate and your subscription will then be subject to the terms set forth on the Portal on the date of renewal of your subscription (the “Renewal Terms”). If you do not agree with the renewal terms, you can refuse to renew your subscription. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the terms of this Agreement are confidential. Unless otherwise agreed, you may not disclose these terms and conditions or the content of the discussions that led to them to third parties other than your affiliates, to designated or potential representatives or resellers who must: (a) know such information to assist in the implementation of this Agreement; and (b) that all such information must be strictly confidential….