A Shrink Wrap Agreement Is An Agreement Whose Terms Are Expressed

Since electronic contracts are currently taken as seriously as offline contracts, the same principles apply to a valid contract. The law already recognizes contracts with fax, telex and other similar technologies. An agreement between the parties is valid if it meets the legal requirements of its conclusion, i.e. the parties wanted above all to establish a contract. This intention is demonstrated by the respect of 3 classic cornerstones, that is to say the offer, the acceptance and the balancing. A difficult task in concluding an electronic contract is to know when an agreement has been reached. As soon as an offer is accepted, a contract is concluded, the postal acceptance rule does not apply. The postal acceptance rule is an exception to the general rule that the acceptance of a contract must be notified to the supplier before a contract is concluded. The rule provides for the acceptance of a contract at the time of signing the acceptance.

Therefore, the notification of acceptance against the applicant is complete when it occurs during transmission to the applicant and at acceptance, when it comes to the knowledge of the applicant, i.e. when the confirmation enters the indicated computer resource. There is no discrepancy between Indian common law and common law in this regard, as can be seen in Lalman Shukla v. Gaurie Datta Sharma,[7] where, despite the fact that he found the boy whose uncle had promised the reward to all those who had found Rule 501, the reward was denied, for he did not learn it until after the boy was discovered. A forum selection clause in the Microsoft Network Terms of Service had required that all complaints about the subscriber agreement be filed in courts in Kings County, Washington. The court found that the parties entered into a binding contract when the end user agreed to be bound by the terms of the Microsoft Network Subscriber Agreement. The user could only use Microsoft Network if they clicked the “I agree” button next to a scrollable window with the terms of use. Each complainant clicked the “I agree” button to use Microsoft Network and agreed to be bound by the terms of the Subscriber Agreement and thus constitute a valid license agreement. To this end, the minimum durations of the contract are implicit.

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